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Nashville's High-Quality Design Build Construction & Remodeling Firm

We believe in quality craftsmanship, both in our own work and in the work that has been done long before us.  In our remodeling sector, we are fanatical about making sure that anything we remodel blends smoothly and seamlessly with what is already there.  Remodeling is one part construction and one part art.

Today Trace Ventures goes far beyond remodeling.  We are much more diversified, working in areas such as new construction, custom home building, commercial and government work, multifamily build-outs, and even commercial development in Nashville and Middle Tennessee.  Across all areas, our dedication to quality remains steadfast.

We start each and every project with lots of up-front thinking and planning.  By carefully going through as many details as possible on the front end, we can minimize surprises as we execute the project.  This thought-through approach also allows us to provide our clients with firm price bids from the start, unlike other companies who may provide estimates or cost-plus bids.

We also believe in treating people with even more care than our craft.  We strive for smooth design processes through honest communication.  We work hard to make sure our clients are pleased every step of the way.

Trace Ventures Nashville Remodeling

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