Trace was founded in 1991 as a design build, residential remodeler

Art and Martha Stinson founded Trace Ventures as a residential Design Build remodeling company in Nashville in 1991. The company grew steadily through the years, largely via word-of-mouth, and Art formed a team of carefully chosen craftsmen, many of whom remain working at Trace today. One of these was Mark Holliday, who is now the President of Trace Ventures.

In 2013, Trace began to expand outside of the residential realm into medical and dental office remodeling. Since that time, Trace has been growing consistently in the commercial arena and has significant growth plans in this area.

In 2015, Art and Martha retired and sold the company to XMi Holdings, a Nashville-based investment company. Since that time, XMi has restructured and Trace Ventures is now owned by Clearbrook Holdings. Clearbrook provides infrastructure and business resources to Trace. However, the craftsmanship and service that were Trace’s original founding principles remain the bedrock of the organization.

As for our future, Trace is will continue to be a diversified company with a presence in residential and commercial design build projects, both remodeling and new construction. We are active in the custom home arena, as well. The sky is the limit – bring us your building-related challenge, and we’re willing to bet we can solve it together.


Trace Ventures Nashville Remodeling Timeline

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