Hillsboro-West End Addition & Remodel

When owners of a 100-year-old house engaged us, it was their last-ditch effort before selling. A Metro sewer easement close to the house stymied other design professionals.

Undeterred, our design-build team innovated a winning plan to meet all of the owners’ requirements. It involved remodeling the family room, opening it to a kitchen addition and adding a master suite, screen porch and deck. The trick? An unthought-of scheme to leverage existing space. Plus, finessing the deck over the easement to meet Metro’s approval. Needless to say, the owners stayed.

Project Scope

  • Interior
  • Kitchen & Bath
  • Historic
  • Exterior

The hipped-roof addition mirrors the house’s form and is tucked under the upper windows. Meticulous craftsmanship inside exudes a historic feel.