Celebrating 30 Years of Business

It’s hard to believe that exactly 30 years ago this summer, Trace Ventures was born. Over the past three decades, we’ve evolved from a small renovation business to a design-build firm specializing in residential remodeling, high-rise condo build-outs, boutique commercial projects and new construction.

As we reflect back on 30 years of Trace Ventures, our mind drifts to several key moments. The many highs, yes, but also the challenges and forks in the road that got us to where we are today.

We think back to milestones like when Art Stinson founded the company in 1991 with his architecture degree, toolbox, well-traveled GMC Yukon and business partner and wife, Martha, by his side. When Mark Holliday first joined the team in 2006 and later took over as president in 2015. When we received Remodeling Magazine’s Big 50 Awards in 2007. When we launched the Small Project Division in 2008. When we completed our first commercial project build-out in 2016. When we instituted the team-oriented Trace Incentive Plan in 2017. When we completed our first residential infill/flip project in 2018. And when we completed our first high-rise luxury condominium valued at $2.6 million and the Glen Campbell Museum in 2019.

We also think back to the many challenges we’ve faced like the countless natural disasters including the tornadoes of 1998 and 2020 and the 1,000-year flood in 2010. And who can forget the Great Recession and the unprecedented global pandemic we are still dealing with today?

We also think about the decision to pivot our business from a small residential remodeling shop to a design-build firm specializing in residential improvements, boutique commercial projects, high-rise condo build-outs and new construction.

But you know what we think about the most beyond these key moments? The countless people who we owe our thirty years of business. Martha and Art Stinson who dreamed up Trace Ventures and entrusted us to carry on their legacy. Our team of highly-skilled team members with years of experience in various disciplines of business, several of which have been with us for a decade or longer. Our incredible trade partners and suppliers, many of whom have worked with us for fifteen years or more. And most of all, our clients who welcome us into their homes and offices and trust us to make beautiful, functional and time-tested spaces that exceed their expectations. The list of gratitude goes on and on and we could never thank everyone who helped us along the way.

Thank you for all of your support, no matter if you’ve been a Trace Ventures customer or team member for 30 days or 30 years. We celebrate you with this milestone anniversary and can’t wait to share what’s in store in the future.

Thank you,

Mark Holliday and the Trace Ventures Team