2021 Interior Design Trends to Know

There is no doubt people are spending more time at home than ever before. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, what used to be a transitional place between work days for most is now the hub for working, exercising, socializing, entertaining and about everything else in life.

As we continue to live most of our days at home, we turned to our interior design partner Interior Anthology to forecast what home trends we’re likely to see in 2021. Top of their list? Comfort. “Homes are our sanctuaries and homeowners are looking to create a feeling of security, privacy and comfort,” says principal and lead designer Jennefer Guthrie. What does this mean? More plush furnishings. “Super contemporary furniture or even mid-century furniture are on their way out. I think people want more comfortable cushions and cozy furniture this year; pieces they can sink into.”

This year will also see us reworking our homes for 24/7 livability with more attention paid to kitchens, home offices, home gyms and multi-functional spaces for virtual learning, entertainment, work and everything in between. “I think we will see a great trend in creating smaller areas of privacy within the home this year and a break from vast open floor plans,” predicts Guthrie.


What else is trending?

“Maximalism, granny chic and classic traditionalism.” What is granny chic, also known as grandmillenial design? According to Apartment Therapy, granny chic is marked by the “ heavy floral prints, patterned wallpapers, retro furnishings, and other kitschy decor items you used to see around your grandma’s place.”


“Wallpaper and pattern play will dominate over monochromatic schemes. Wallpaper will be used in entire rooms, not just an accent. I can see wallpaper gravitating from the dining/entry areas to the bedrooms and main areas of the home. I also see a great emphasis on botanical patterns and natural textures such as grasscloths or linen fabric walls.”


“Warm rich tones will be big. Gone are the days of grey or all white.”


“I can see hardware still staying with gold tones, but I can also see a great emphasis on the handmade, cast iron and hand tooled finishes.”


“In the kitchen, patterned backsplashes, colored cabinetry and a heavy concentration on creating a ‘home restaurant’ will continue to trend.”


“In the bathroom, people will look to create a luxury space experience. A place for respite and relaxation.”


“Outdoor spaces will continue to be a huge area of focus. Bringing the outdoors in will be popular as well.”

Lastly… we had to ask Jennefer her thoughts on fiddle leaf figs. Will they continue to be ever popular? “I think the fiddle leaf will still hang in there along with other types of houseplants. People are home more often and can take on the responsibility of having various kinds of plants indoors.”

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