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Transforming Nashville: Top Design-Build Trends to Watch

Sustainable and Green Building In response to increasing environmental awareness, Nashville’s construction scene is seeing a significant rise in sustainable and green building practices. Design-build…

2 May 2024 | Design

Laying the Groundwork: The Understated Art of Hardscaping

Understanding Hardscaping: Hardscaping is the architectural backbone of any outdoor area, contributing both aesthetic allure and practical support to your property. These are the walkways,…

8 April 2024 | Design

Elevating Nashville Homes: A Guide to Thoughtfully Refining Curb Appeal

Enhancing Natural Light: The addition or enlargement of windows can dramatically change the ambiance of your home, inviting Nashville’s natural beauty indoors. Carefully considering the…

6 March 2024 | Design

Elevating Your Home’s Worth with Expert Renovations in Nashville and Franklin

The Trace Ventures Difference Our clients, like Nickie Greer, rave about our step-by-step design/build process, which demystifies renovations, making the journey from blueprint to final…

1 February 2024 | Design

Revitalizing Nashville’s Heritage: A Guide to Modernizing Historic Homes

  Embracing Nashville’s Architectural Legacy Nashville’s historic districts, like East Nashville and 12 South, boast homes with significant architectural heritage, from Victorian to Craftsman styles….

5 January 2024 | Design

Upscale Kitchen Trends This Season

  What Are Some Kitchen Remodeling Trends This Year?    Display opportunities: Beautiful glassware, souvenirs, or family heirlooms shouldn’t sit  unappreciated behind a closed cabinet…

3 August 2023 | Design

2021 Interior Design Trends to Know

There is no doubt people are spending more time at home than ever before. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, what used to be a transitional…

29 January 2021 | Design, Trade Secrets