Company News

Trace Ventures president Mark Holliday is happy to announce that we have added a designer to our staff and entered the boutique segment of commercial real estate. Adam Wayne, Mekenna Guarino, Chris Fedler, and Travis Weddington are the people behind these exciting moves. Allow us to introduce them to you and tell you what they’re up to.


Adam Wayne, Vice President of Business Development, Trace Commercial

Adam has been promoted to Vice President of Business Development for Trace’s commercial division. With a depth of experience ranging from interior design to real estate, Adam leads sales and provides expert strategic direction for Trace Commercial. He has served as point person for some of our most prestigious projects, including the corporate headquarters for Lovell Communications and the newly opened Glen Campbell Museum and Rhinestone Stage in the heart of the tourist district on lower Broadway.

This type of commercial project may seem out of the ordinary for Trace. However, at its core it is a reflection of exactly what we do and have always done – build for discerning clients who expect fine craftsmanship.



Mekenna Guarino, Interior Designer

We have dreamed of this day and it is finally here. Mekenna has joined us to take on the all-important role of interior designer here at Trace Ventures. This is a new position and a reflection of Trace’s growth and commitment to helping clients with their projects. Though her title is interior designer, we consider her to be more of an interior translator, for her true talent lies in helping each client express his or her unique story and personality through design.

How does she help? In short order, Mekenna can cut through the thousands of selections and finishes available on the market to curate perfect aesthetic and functional solutions. She helps clients choose everything from finishes and fixtures to just the right furnishings to suit their individual needs and preferences.


Chris Fedler, Project Manager, Trace Commercial

Chris has proven his ability to successfully run projects for us time and again, and now he is spreading his wings over on the commercial side. If there’s anything he can’t do, we haven’t found it yet. He’s highly versatile, comfortable and knowledgeable about virtually all things construction.

It was Chris we tapped to lead the Glen Campbell Museum project, and he proceeded to transform an 1800s building into a world class museum for the 21st century. He considers each new project an adventure and isn’t intimidated by a challenge. No doubt this is a result of his eight years as a decorated service member in the United States Air Force.


Travis Weddington, Assistant Project Manager

Travis has solid skills as a carpenter and intuitively knows what is needed next on the job site. That’s what makes him such a valuable assistant project manager and facilitator of the work at hand. He exhibits the patience, care, and close attention to detail Trace Ventures expects and requires in the field – all qualities honed in his off hours as an artisan glassmith, welder and woodworker.