Our Coronavirus Protocol

How are you holding up?

As our families – yours and ours – take safe harbor at home and try to ride out the storm, Trace is here for you. Some of us are working remotely, others of us are on job sites building things. One thing is for certain, business is not as usual for the Trace family. But we’re in this together, linked by our common humanity, and are doing our part to help keep each other well and safe. We urge you to do the same.

To our design clients

We’re continuing full steam ahead on your projects. We’re working both remotely and from our office as needed.

We have perfected virtual meetings with our out-of-town clients and offer local clients the same option.

We have found virtual meetings to be extremely effective. If you prefer a small, in-person meeting, we will greet you at the door with a dollop of hand sanitizer in lieu of our usual handshake or hug.

To our construction clients

All members of our field staff have been trained and are committed to implementing proper safety and protective protocols. They are fully equipped with hand sanitizers, gloves, and masks. We require our trade contractors to do likewise and have extra supplies to share just in case.

Furthermore, you can expect us to:

  • Ask you if elderly or vulnerable persons are on site so that we can take extra precautions, such as wearing masks when not typically necessary.
  • Sanitize our hands thoroughly before walking through your door.
  • Actively seek to limit the number of workers to reduce exposure potentials. Ex: If we would normally use three painters, we will look to limit that to one.
  • Stay home when sick, with a fever, or with known exposure, and never knowingly compromise your health in any way. This is Trace’s commitment for ANY in-person work, from the office to the job site.

To prospective clients

I’m just here to say that while you’re sheltering at home if you’re inspired to think about your personal sanctuary, we’re here for you. We’re scheduling virtual initial visits, if preferred, and finding they accomplish very similar outcomes to an in-home visit. All you need is a device and an internet connection. We’ll walk you through it. Feel free to reach out and we can go from there with what works best for you.

Your part

I may be preaching to the choir and hope that I am, but we request the same commitments from you as laid out above, plus:
Contact your project manager immediately if someone has a fever, is exhibiting signs of the virus, has tested positive, or has been exposed to someone with the virus. WE WILL PAUSE THE PROJECT.

The bottom line

We believe in planning, working our plan, monitoring for needed changes, relying upon facts, and staying calm. Together, we will get through this. Please accept my thanks and gratitude for each and every one of you. It is an honor to be involved with your project.

Mark Holliday, President
Trace Ventures

Stay safe. Be well.