Exquisite Flooring Design Ideas To Elevate Your Home

The flooring of your home sets the stage for entertaining family and friends, games with children and grandchildren, or maybe just dancing around on a Friday night in. It can also determine the visual story of your home. Whether you choose clean, cohesive lines or a more adventurous pattern for your flooring, Trace Ventures is here to help realize the vision that will echo throughout your forever home.


Flooring Design Ideas


  • Elegant Wood Floors: Beautiful wood flooring is as popular as ever. Would you like to achieve a timeless look? Consider a herringbone pattern in your living room or dining space. If you’d like to bring the light in, white oak or lighter shades of walnut will do just that. 
  • Heated Flooring: Heated flooring systems can add spa-like luxury to a bathroom and work best with ceramic or porcelain tile options, creating a calming color story depending on the hues you choose.
    • Patterned Tile: Large-format stone and tile can create a statement while being sleek and seamless. To create a visual impact, you can continue the floor tile pattern up through a bathroom wall or kitchen backsplash. 
    • Eco-Friendly Options: While you may usually consider using reclaimed wood in furniture, utilizing these materials as flooring can give your home a rustic edge while also benefitting the planet. Oak wine barrels or recycled lumber can be used for flooring purposes and often come with added durability. 
  • Texture: Carpet comes in various styles and patterns these days, so there are plenty of exciting options to choose from. If you would prefer to stick to smooth surfaces, woven mats or luxurious rugs can provide variety in your floor design and a level of comfort. 


Flooring With Trace Ventures


  • Longevity: Your flooring will go through the natural wear and tear of everyday life, so it is important to work with quality materials that are up for the challenge. At Trace Ventures, we aim to select the best materials for each project, all while honoring your specific budget. 
  • Attention to Detail: Our team has 250 combined years of experience in design and construction. We’ve worked for years to bring families the homes of their dreams, and we know that to achieve that, precision matters on every level. That’s why we work diligently when constructing your home to ensure each tile and floorboard is perfectly in place. 
  • Eye For Design: Prioritizing creative design has been what’s led us to a number of successful projects over the years. We have faith in our process and believe you will too after sitting down with your architect, contractor, and estimator to discuss your wants and needs. 


Are you ready to begin the journey towards your dream home? Our Trace Ventures team is available for contact at (615) 292-7354 or on our website. Building thoughtful and lasting spaces is what we do, and we would cherish the opportunity to work with you!