Elevating Your Home’s Entryway: Grand Design Ideas

Arriving home to a safe, comfortable, well-designed space is so important after a long day. At Trace Ventures, we believe the ideal entryway design inspires all of the best feelings of home and gives visitors a first glimpse into your personal style and life. Here are some grand entrance ideas that offer a striking effect while inviting you in. 

Entryway Design Ideas

  • Gallery Walls: Gallery walls are a great way to make a statement while also filling up what would otherwise be a blank space. Mixing family photos with favorite artwork is a special way to lead your guests into your home while highlighting precious memories.
  • Graphic Wallpaper: If your entryway does not have a lot of floor space, we recommend utilizing design choices to expand the feel of your entryway. A dynamic design will surely draw the eye upward while presenting some creative flare in a fun pattern or print.
  • Dramatic Lighting: Your entryway is great for showcasing a beautiful light fixture. Whether your style leans more modern or classic, a crystal chandelier or hip pendant light will start the design story of the rest of your home. 
  • Elegant Plasterwork: In addition to lighting choices, the ceiling of your entryway is a great place to showcase inventive plasterwork that can be subtle or resplendent, depending on your tastes. 
  • Custom Organization: Custom builds are perfect for the entryway of your home, as they can be designed to fit in tight or unusually shaped spaces. They offer a place to tuck away everyday items that are handy to have by the door without having them in sight or making the space feel cluttered. 
  • Dynamic Flooring: An entryway is a great place to use a creative tile pattern if you’d like just a bit of imaginative design, as it is a smaller space compared to the rest of your home and therefore won’t feel visually overwhelming. 

Entryway Design With Trace Ventures

    • Custom Builds: We believe design and construction should go hand in hand. Our experienced design team achieves this through thoughtfully planned designs that are executed by our construction professionals. We can capitalize on the negative space underneath a staircase or a nook by the door and create pieces that will carry you through the everyday. Whatever storage space you wish to create with Trace Ventures, trust that it will result in a foyer that is both beautiful and functional. 
    • Marrying The Old and The New: Trace Ventures is experienced in working with historic buildings, and when clients wish to preserve the character of the home they are remodeling, we are more than happy to do so with delicate and precise handiwork. Whether that means emulating a traditional design from start to finish or mixing modern and classic pieces, our team will listen to your wishes and work diligently to achieve them.  
    • Quality: Your home is meant to be lived in, and that is why Trace Ventures aims to use the best quality materials available when we work. Our goal is not just to create beautiful, eye-catching homes but to create functional spaces that will last for years thanks to thoughtful handiwork and the constitution of the materials chosen. We pride ourselves on maintaining a high standard while strictly meeting deadlines and budgets. When you work with Trace Ventures, your investment will result in something timeless in both looks and in quality. 

Trace Ventures is honored to bring splendor to your home that you can enjoy every day. Every project is an exciting new chapter of collaboration and lasting relationships. Simply call us at (615) 292-7354 to see the start of a beautiful entranceway and home design today!

Entryway Design