Why Heated Floors Would Be A Great Addition to Your Home

The last few months of the year inspire us to stay inside more, spend cherished time with loved ones, and decorate the house festively. While soft blankets and sweaters can help keep you warm when it’s cold outside, there are some practical design choices you can make for your home to improve comfort, such as heated (radiant) flooring. Keep reading to learn more about this innovative form of heating, as well as some more Trace Ventures recommended tips for a cozier Nashville home. 

Benefits of Heated Flooring

  • Uniform heating: One of the biggest benefits of floor-heating systems is that they can uniformly heat the rooms of your home. While forced-air heating systems rely on vents that leave some areas of your home warmer than others, radiant heating heats the entire floor evenly, meaning no more cold drafts.
  • Noiseless: Unlike furnaces or forced air, heated floors are completely soundless, offering you days and nights of warmth without interruption. 
  • Energy Saving: Heated floors are considered 20% to 25% more energy efficient than forced air as they do not rely on ductwork that may leak heat. This efficiency is great for the environment and saves you money on energy bills, which can skyrocket during the wintertime. 
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: Heated flooring may seem more tricky to maintain than it actually is. Installation is quite simple, especially if you are planning a renovation project with Trace Ventures. Once installed, heated floors can be enjoyed for decades to come. 
  • Allergy-Friendly: Unlike radiant heating, forced air systems can stir up dust mites and other allergens, circulating them and irritating those who may suffer from allergies or asthma. Keep your loved ones safe from irritants by opting for radiant heating instead. 

Home Heating Solutions For a Warm Winter

  • Seal Gaps and Properly Insulate: Our Trace Ventures contractors take attention to detail seriously. When we work on your home, we’ll not only design and create the space you dreamed of in terms of aesthetics but also in structural integrity. Gaps in exterior walls or by windows can cause the cold to seep in, so we focus on precision throughout each step of our projects.
  • Focal Fireplaces: Fireplaces in a living room or den are beautiful and functional centerpieces that can draw the whole family together. Go for a classic look with marbles like Carrara or Nero Marquina, or opt for a more rustic feel with reclaimed materials such as driftwood or exposed brick. 
  • Let The Light In: Beautiful, tall windows can help maximize your enjoyment of those special fall and winter days when the sun is shining. Incorporating thoughtful glass solutions such as low emissivity glass will let you enjoy the daylight while keeping your home warm. 

Trace Ventures is here to optimize the comfort and enjoyment of your home. This means that we go above and beyond in every aspect of design and craftsmanship, thinking of solutions that will turn your Nashville home into your ideal space year-round. Have questions? Our team is ready and happy to answer them. Call 615.292.7354 or visit our website to get in touch with us. We look forward to working with you!

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